Stain Removal Hacks [Infographic]

Stain Removal Hacks [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Abrasive and environmentally harsh chemicals are in most store brand carpet cleansers. However, there are just as effective ways to get your carpets looking like new with more friendly ingredients. These are safer for your pets, loved ones, and lungs, not to mention the fabric of your rugs.

It turns out that even the toughest looking stains, from oil splatter to permanent marker, can be removed simply and easily with items you probably have around the house. Your Best Digs lines up 10 nasty stains and pits them against these easy clean up methods that are environmentally friendly. Did you know you could get glue out of a carpet using an iron? Or stop crying over spilled wine with some baking soda?

Check out the infographic below for a number of sure-fire carpet stain removal methods that will keep your rugs in great shape, no matter what hits them.

Environmentally Friendly Hacks to get Stains out of your Carpet

Stain Removal Hacks [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
Infographic by yourbestdigs

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