Growing Yucca Plants [Infographic]

Growing Yucca Plants [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

The Yucca plant – care for this versatile indoor and outdoor plant is flexible, easy care, easy to maintain – and being on of the top air cleaning indoor plants is just another benefit.

The yucca plant is a drought tolerant evergreen native to the hot, dry areas of the Americas and the Caribbean. Lately, these unusual plants have become very popular as garden additions in the northern parts of the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

With 40 plus species and two dozen subspecies, this interesting and useful plant comes in a wide variety of sizes, appearances, and shapes that have adapted to an impressive range of climates.

The Yucca, depending on the variety, grows outdoors in the landscape. However, several Yucca species – primarily Yucca elephantipes, does very well as an indoor houseplant.

All yuccas love sun. While some varieties do pretty well in partial shade, they all do better with ample sun. Yuccas generally like substantial, well-drained soil that will support the roots and the weight of the plant along with providing good air circulation beneath the soil. These plants do not like to be soggy. Soil that harbors moisture will cause root rot.

Although most gardeners use the yucca as an attractive ornamental addition to the garden, the fact is this hardy plant is a survivalist’s dream come true. Depending upon the variety, it can be a bounteous source of food, kindling, rope, soap and much more.

Yucca is an important host for pollinators: Hummingbirds, butterflies, and moths flock to the rich, fragrant blossoms of this hardy, attractive plant. Specifically, the moths of the Prodoxidae family (aka Yucca Moths) maintain a significant mutuality pollination relationship with these plants.

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Growing Yucca Plants [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
Source: Growing Yucca Plants: Care In The Home and Garden 
Visual by ecogreenlove
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