Reusable birdfeeders… but there’s still plastic

Birdfeeders… reusable but still plastic | ecogreenlove

Two weekends ago we were on our way to meet some friends, and we saw many of the seeds that can be store-bought to hang on the branches of the trees for the birds to eat during winter. Most of them are inside of a plastic net so the birds can eat it but what is left is still hanging. I took a picture of it (right side) and I took also a picture of a bird feeder or at least looks like a seed balls hanger, which is good, you can reuse it, right? But when looking closely, I realised the seeds that were inside had still the net. So what’s the point?

Birdfeeders… reusable but still plastic | ecogreenlove

Here on the blog I have published many ideas on how to repurpose everyday things, specially plastic, including a PET bottle repurposed as bird feeder, or an old shoe attached to the tree trunk where you can place the seeds but also can work as a little house for the birds. That way you can only buy the seeds in bulk and avoid bringing the plastic which is going to hang on the branches who-knows how long, or maybe bird feed that is wrapped in some biodegradable material?

What do you think? Is there another solution to prevent buying this seed-balls in net?

ecogreenlove | circular love


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