Snowy Heidelberg

Snowy Heidelberg | ecogreenlove

Hi everybody, hope you are having a good start into the week!
Here in Southwest Germany we had a cold weekend and it still continues. The area where we live is actually known as the warmest of the country, which means, it doesn’t snow that often, and when it does, it doesn’t layer up too much and does not lingers. It’s been only three years since I moved here but I can tell this has been the coldest winter for me. Today we woke up with -3ºC (smartphone said -7, but I have no idea where the sensor is), for me, a Mexico city girl (pretty much mild temperature), it definitely felt cold! But still, got into my sport pants and went for a walk at 6:40am!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful scenery:

Snowy Heidelberg | ecogreenlove
view from Philosophensweg (Philosopher’s’ way)
Snowy Heidelberg | ecogreenlove
Neckar river
Snowy Heidelberg | ecogreenlove
view from Theodor Heuss brücke (bridge)

How did your week start? How cold is it where you live, do you at the moment have snow?

Look deep into Nature, you’ll understand Everything! 🌱

ecogreenlove | circular love


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