Reusing resealable bags

Reuse the resealable plastic bags that you get tortillas in as you would Ziploc bags…for sandwiches, cookies, snacks, whatever!
If you are working with two balls of yarn and need to keep the strands separate, but also need to keep the yarn in the same bag, use a zip-top bag
Store Rosemary and Thyme in resealable bags inside of the freezer for several weeks to keep them fresh

Store ground meat in resealable bags
Snacks for kids: Sew compartments into a zip lock bag—I thought it would look a little different and since the kids can’t reach in and pull out a whole handful…it might slow them down a little.
Reuse resealable bags and bind them to store seeds
Store anything in the freezer reusing resealable bags
Zip lock bags are the best multifunctional item you can take travelling with you. It’ll waterproof any electrical or keep sake items (eg. passport, phone), but can also store food, wet clothes. ANYTHING! Highly recommend. BUT DONT BUY MORE, REUSE 🙂
Reuse a resealable plastic bag to store your lemons in the refrigerator. Read more about it here
Store anything in resealable bags like christmas ornaments to keep them in place and organized
You’ve got a snazzy digital camera, but you want to take it into a wet, dusty environment. Protect it with a simple zip-lock bag and a filter. By aneel
DIY clutch with ziplock bags for purse necessities… maybe
Make Your Own Ice Cream mixing ingredients in a resealable bag
Prepare your weekly meals in advance and store them organized in resealable bags, will save time and maybe even space than using tupperware
Resealable bags help kids (and also adults) to decorate cakes or cupcakes
Store your Fire Starter Cotton Balls in a resealable bag when going camping
Ziplock Omelets
Ziplock Omelets for camping
Many say a bag filled with water keep the flies away, read this article on HowStuffWorks to find out how and why

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