Reusing Altoids Tin boxes

[Updated: July 2017]

Prepping Tins For Altering
Covering an Altoid Hinged Box Tutorial

DIY All Purpose Card or Anything Small Holder
How to Make a Flashlight from an Altoids Tin
On-the-Go Chalkboard Box
Fast and Easy Project Done! TINNED MEMORIES!
Camera Shaped Accordion Book
Tutorial: Altered Altoid Tin
How to Make a Steampunk Altoids Tin
Ice-skating rink from an altoid tin
Altoids Gift Tins
More Mint Tin projects
221B Baker Street model in an Altoid tin
Halloweeny Altoid Tin
(From Jim Doran )
Making an Altoid’s Tin Book
Mini Theatre Tutorial
Altoid tins+clear pebbles=cool magnets!
Awesome polymer clay creations with Altoid tins
DIY Magnet Dress Up Doll
DIY Lemon Butter Balm in Altoids Tins
Nunu’s house miniature made of clay (polymer?) by Tomo Tanaka (Japanese)
How-To: Pocket-Sized Pool Table
Tin Jewelry box, could be easily made form an Altoids tin
DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Boxes
Organizing with Altoids Tins
Altoid Can Solar USB Charger
DIY Mini Succulent Garden In An Altoids Tin
Paris Paper City stored in an Altoid tin
Altoid tin cans Advent Calendar
DIY Solar USB Charger – Altoids by JoshuaZimmerman


Teabag Tin larger altoid {Etsy}
Altoid Tin Drawing/ Doodle Kit {Etsy}
Doctor Who Handpainted ALTOIDS tin {Etsy}
Pink Furry Altered Altoids Tin {Etsy}

For Kids

Wee mouse tin house

More ideas

Many ideas for kids games from mommo-design
What Can you Make out of an Altoids Tin?
ReUse Altoids Tins! Crafty Fun Ideas!
10 cute and creative ways to repurpose altoid tins …
38 Uses for Tin Boxes
How to Reuse an Empty Altoids Tin

and it goes on…

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