Reusing Tic-Tac boxes

Use Empty Tic Tac Boxes as Travel Spice Containers
Tic Tacs: The Unexpected Bobby Pin Storage Solution

Store your nails in a tic-tac box
Small crafting materials organized in a tic tac containers
Permaculture Tip: Seed Saving in Tic Tac Containers
Re-use a tic tac container for toothpicks! Great for picnics or the car!
Use old tic tac containers to store your extra memory cards!
Using Tic Tac Containers as Picture Frames
Kid Craft: Double-Decker Bus with tic Tac container

5 uses for Tic Tac containers
Tic Tac Box Uses – Great Ideas
Tic Tac Chill battery storage by InvaderDig
Waterproof Crushproof Tic-Tac Matchbox by pandadude
Tic tac box pencil case by timcaird
Rechargeable led flashlight powered by magnets housed in the obligatory mints container by MrMunki
An empty Tic Tac box makes a great miniature tackle box for baitfishing
For a really convenient waxworm dispenser when ice fishing, Keep them in a Tic Tac container.

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