Recipe: KiBa Juice Mix


A couple of friends introduced me a few days ago this nectar‬ mix, they call it here in Germany “KiBa” (Kirsch Banane = Cherry Banana) and today I tried to reproduce it. As weird as I thought the taste would be with such mix of fruits, I liked it! So I recommend it to you in case you haven’t heard of it.

Happy Monday!

Kiba Juice Swirl
(it’s so very easy to do, but hey… I really didn’t know how to make it so I’m writing it in case there si someone out there like me 🙂


  • Banana nectar
  • (Sour) Cherry nectar


  1. Pour in first the banana nectar, a little more than half the glass
  2. Slightly tilt the glass and slowly pour in the cherry nectar until you fill the glass or the amount you like. You’ll see how both nectars will almost mix but not completely.

You can play with a toothpick or a straw forming a swirl, I tried to move the glass while serving it.


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