Reusing globes

I remember at home we used to have a globe, and I loved it because as a little girl I could see where was my home country located and when would be night where while I would have daylight. I don’t know what happened to that globe, but I’m sure my parents keep it somewhere. Besides being educational, I think they are good as decoration. Specially the globes showing old maps. In any case, if you want to revamp an old globe you have, or just give it a turn to its function, here are some ideas and tutorials to inspire you:

Wall art globe with text by Patina White
Modern Upcycled Button Covered Globe
Chalkboard globe

Craft Project: Globe Wall Clock
Make a Plante with an old globe
Mirror Ball Globe
How To Make A Globe Pendant Light
Repurpose Old Globes as Fall Centerpieces
Globe Bowl
Trash to Treasure DIY: Repurposed Globe Bowl
Spring globe upcycle
Globe paper artichokes as decoration
Cool Parisian Art-Deco Styled Loft
DIY a Old Globe Lamp into a Sparkling Light for The Night
Découpage illustrations from books of babies & wrapping applied to vintage globe with metal base / by Pat Griffith
An easy ombre globe [tutorial] + other 3 globe tutorials suggestions at the bottom of the tut.
Globe chandelier by Benoit Vieubled
Upcycled Globe Lamp {Etsy}
Globe Clock
Eleven DIY Globe Ideas

3 thoughts on “Reusing globes

  1. As a geography teacher I adore these reuses of old globes. Definitely something I will consider for my classroom decor.

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