Reusing old Sewing Machines

Reusing Sewing Machines | ecogreenlove

– John Farrier

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Reusing old Suitcases

Reusing suitcases | ecogreenloveFurniture: TablesChairs • More | Storage | For Kids | For Pets | Others

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Reusing globes

I remember at home we used to have a globe, and I loved it because as a little girl I could see where was my home country located and when would be night where while I would have daylight. I don’t know what happened to that globe, but I’m sure my parents keep it somewhere. Besides being educational, I think they are good as decoration. Specially the globes showing old maps. In any case, if you want to revamp an old globe you have, or just give it a turn to its function, here are some ideas and tutorials to inspire you:

Wall art globe with text by Patina White
Modern Upcycled Button Covered Globe
Chalkboard globe

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Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils

Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove

Kitchenware  (Cutlery, Pans, Graters. Teapots. Pots, Cutting boards +)
Whisks   |   Colanders   |   Baking Tins   |   Cookie Cutters   |   Tupperware

Reusing Kitchenware

Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove
Teapot planters
Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove
Vintage Rolling Pin Towel Rack DIY Upcycled Tutorial
Reusing Old Kitchen Utensils | ecogreenlove
Repurposed kitchenware to display items [not original source]
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