Parmesan Cheese in Numbers [Infographic]

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano has long been a staple in Italian cuisine. Also known in English as parmesan cheese, this delicacy is used in several mouthwatering dishes and entrees. This includes melanzane alla parmigiana, along with lasagne – and as a topping for pizzas, pasta, and other Italian favorites. Like other Italian hard cheeses, parmesan is carefully manufactured to preserve its natural taste and texture. In fact, most parmesan cheese wheels have been aged for minimum 12 months and up to 36 months! This means an entire year of aging is needed before this popular cheese is sold to the public for  consumption. Whether at restaurants, cafes, or the comfort of home – parmesan cheese continues to soar in global popularity.

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Recipe: Parmesan Rice with homegrown Parsley

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Recipe: Leftover sautéed Broccoli Parmesan Tart

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Recipe: Green Beans Gremolata

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Recipe: Crusty Parmesan and Vegs Zucchini bites

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