Eco-friendly Roofing options

Eco-friendly Roofing options | ecogreenlove

These days, you can go green with just about anything –including your roofing material. There is no shortage of eco-friendly roofing options and we want to tell you about some of the most popular and environmentally responsible ones if you’re interested in going down this path.

Stated by Dallas roofers, the following list features roofing materials that will either save you money on your energy bills, reduce your home’s impact on the environment or best of all – both.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best eco-friendly roofing options.

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs can help you cut costs on your utility bills. Metal roofing is considered light-reflective which will cool down your home so your A/C won’t have to work as hard to provide you with that cool air you love.

All standing seam metal roofs are made from recycled materials. They don’t take up space in a landfill either because they can also be recycled after use. This is one of the ideal eco-friendly roof options.

Cool Roofs

Sometimes called white roofs, cool roofs are becoming a very popular eco-friendly roofing option. Cool roofs are very affordable so if you’re looking for an option that doesn’t break the bank this would be a great choice for you.

They are typically made from glue and white-colored gravel so they don’t cost much to manufacture.

As the name implies, cool roofs keep your attic and the upper floors of your home from becoming super-heated. Roofs absorb a lot of heat from the sun and that heat gets transferred to the house so your A/C is running longer than it needs to.

Cool roofs reflect the sun’s rays and drastically cut down the amount of heat that gets absorbed so you pay less in your utility bills.

Roof-Mounted Wind Turbines

This is an eco-friendly roofing option that is exactly what it sounds like. Roof-mounted wind turbines are panels that are attached to your existing roof that support a wind turbine. If you don’t mind having one or more mini windmills on your roof and live in a windy area, this is a great option.

They work just like regular wind turbines: by harnessing usable energy from the wind. While they won’t be able to power your entire home, they can significantly decrease the amount of electricity you draw from your utility provider and be a great cost savings on your bill each month.

Reclaimed Wooden Shingles

Reclaimed wood shingles are made from recycled wood. When it comes time to replace the roof, the wooden shingles can be recycled once again after use. This makes them a great option since they help mitigate deforestation, which we have all seen in the news.

Wooden shingles are also considered very durable. You can expect your wood shingle roof to last between 15 and 20 years, which is right on par when compared to “traditional” roofing materials.

Slate Roofing

While this option isn’t made from entirely recycled materials, we have included slate tile roofing because of their amazing longevity. When roofing material needs to be replaced, it creates waste that goes to a landfill.

Slate roof tiles can last for over a hundred years, which means it isn’t the type of material that will end up in the landfill after say – 15 years. Plus, there are companies that make slate roof tiles from salvaged slate material so it can be re-used again.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles can be made of recycled clay. Because of the way they are shaped inlaid on a roof, they create a cushion of air that insulates the home from both heat and cold. Proper insulation is key to a healthy roof. Clay tiles are also known to be very durable and attractive.

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly roofing option or just want to know what options are available, this article gives you the head start you need to be in the know when hiring a professional roofer. There are many great options to choose from. It just depends on your budget, the current style of your home, and the climate you live in.

Eco-friendly Roofing options | ecogreenlove

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