Home building Materials you can Repurpose

Home building Materials you can Repurpose | ecogreenlove

When it comes to saving money on home renovation, repurposing as a means of recycling represents one of the cleverest and most pro-like moves you can pull off. The idea behind this is quite simple – you pick building materials that are well-known for their recyclable qualities, use the structures made out of them for as long as you can, and then salvage the leftovers after the building in question had its run.

Indeed, whether it’s roofing, flooring, wall structure, or bathroom fit-outs, the materials you’re using can last you years to come – be it in their fully assembled condition, or as a scraps you can repurpose for other projects!

Now then, in this article, we’re going to talk about what materials you can use in order to make your house renovation project not only a smart one while you’re doing it, but also a potentially lucrative one down the road.

So, without further ado, here are our ‘repurposeable’ building materials!

Home building Materials you can Repurpose | ecogreenlove


Even though it represents perhaps one of the materials that is most susceptible to the tooth of time, wood can nevertheless be repurposed and salvaged quite easily, provided it’s in decent enough condition. 

(We actually meant – salvaged THEN repurposed, not the other way around.) 

Anyway, pieces of lumber come in all shapes and sizes, so if you’re on a lookout for a suitable piece of lumber you can use to fit out your home at a moderate price, you can rest assured you’ll be able to find something quite easily. 

Plus, the grand thing is – even structures made out of repurposed lumber can last you for years if they’ve been preserved well enough.

Home building Materials you can Repurpose | ecogreenlove


Both when it’s in its tip-top form, so to speak, AND when it’s been eaten by corrosion for decades, steel can still be salvaged with only minor losses to its value. This is why this material has always been so well-respected by builders, engineers, and virtually anyone who’s ever come in contact with it. 

About the only thing you might want to pay attention to would be the amount of rust on each individual piece of steel. If you mean to salvage a piece of old steel, the first step would be to remove the rust from it. The longer it stands exposed to the tooth of time and perhaps more importantly – moisture, the more corroded, and thus unusable it’s going to be. 

So, if you’re planning on salvaging a bunch of steel parts and thinking of using them again, get ready for some anti-rust treatment first!

Home building Materials you can Repurpose | ecogreenlove


Windows can be recycled if they’re made out of glass

Not that there are many builders around soiling themselves from happiness that this can be done, but it’s possible – let’s put it that way. 

You see, while glass IS, indeed, relatively easy to recycle, doing so doesn’t really fall into the category of the most lucrative salvaging processes. You see, even if it’s brand new, glass is fairly inexpensive to make, so recycling glass is often viewed as jumping the shark a little bit. 

That said, windows can be recycled in their entirety if you so desire. (Meaning the older ones made out of glass and wood.) 

Of course, you can always do the maths and figure out whether or not this would really pay off in the long run.

Home building Materials you can Repurpose | ecogreenlove


Pleasant-looking and fairly plentiful around houses (especially some of the older ones), copper is a material that was once massively used for the construction of water pipes and other plumbing-related parts. 

Nowadays, while it’s still used in many parts of the world for this purpose, there’s a trend of using another sort of materials, which are more readily replaceable and overall more durable. The thing that makes this material a par excellence material for repurposing would be the fact that its value hasn’t really decreased over the years, to the point where thieves still routinely look for old copper pipes to sell in various scrapyards, where they’re readily bought! (Meaning the copper is readily bought, NOT the thieves.) 

So, if you have some copper pipes in your bathroom, or perhaps copper roofing, you can rest assured you’ll be able to retrieve a fair chunk of its initial value years after you’ve installed it. 

(Just make sure you don’t get ripped off by some nosey thieves before that.) 

All things considered, whether it’s steel, copper, or even glass, building materials aren’t really ‘set in stone’, when it comes to their ability to be reused. (‘Set in stone’ – get it!) As long as you take some time to do some research before you start buying your building materials, you can end up with a sound investment that can keep on giving decades after you’ve built your home! 

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Home building Materials you can Repurpose | ecogreenlove

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