DIY Dog House Project: a roof over your woofs head

DIY Dog House Project: a roof over your woofs head | ecogreenlove

It’s undeniable that our pets are no less than family members. We care for them like they are our children so it’s only natural we want the best for them – which includes making sure that they are warm and comfy in their dwelling. Many families have dogs (which is, by the way, proven to be extremely beneficial in a multitude of ways), but some of them can’t allow their four-legged friends to sleep inside their house. That, however, doesn’t have to mean they will be any less comfortable. With a little bit of effort, the most basic building skills and a surprisingly small budget, you can create an envy-worthy residence for your pup. So, we are bringing you some amazing DIY dog house ideas to spruce up your backyard – and you can even brag about having built it yourself.

Classic A-frame dog house

DIY Dog House Project: a roof over your woofs head | ecogreenlove

If you’ve always liked the classic dog house look you can see all over the media, you’ll surely love an A-frame gabled-roof dog house. It’s one of the simplest, easiest options, so you should be able to do it even if you’re a beginner and it shouldn’t take you longer than a day. Just keep in mind that this dog house plan is for small to medium-sized pups. All you need for this project regarding materials is a sheet of plywood, woodworking equipment you might already have, some roofing paper and shingles, and paint in the color of your choice – go for brick red and white if you’re really aiming for that classic look! Just make sure the paint is low-VOC, and that you aren’t using pressure-treated wood for any parts of the house your dog might possibly chew on.

A stylish ranch

DIY Dog House Project: a roof over your woofs head | ecogreenlove

A little bit more advanced and a little bit more expensive but still on the simple side, a ranch-style comfy dog house would look amazing if you have a porch to place it on! The great thing about this design is that you can make the roof removable, which will make cleaning the house infinitely easier. It’s also big enough for a dog of any size, so logically, you’re going to need a bit more materials for this one. In addition to your woodworking tools, you’re going to need three sheets of plywood, redwood for the arbors and redwood lattice for the trim, roof shingles, some panel adhesive and, of course, paint. You can also use some metal drip edging to make the roof look more finished, and the ranch is ready for your pup to move in!

A porch for your pooch

DIY Dog House Project: a roof over your woofs head | ecogreenlove

Moving along a similar line, a simple but lovely design that features a covered front porch is perfect for any small to medium size pup. Not only will it allow your pet to enjoy some shade on hot summer days, but it’s also insulated from the floor to the roof so you don’t have to worry about your beloved pooch being cold in the winter either. You can opt for recycled materials to make it more affordable – recycled boards, some plywood and framing lumber is all you really need. Also, don’t forget to get foam sheets for the insulation. Since the construction itself is rather sturdy, you might need one or two weekends to finish this one. The deck will also require some extra effort, and you need to properly insulate all sides of the house, but the results will definitely be worth it. Once everything is done, you can place your dog’s food and auto-fill water bowl on their porch, and they’ll have all the amenities they need in one place.

Triangular comfort

If these previous ideas seem a bit overwhelming, here’s an easy DIY A-frame dog house perfect for a small or even medium-sized puppy. It’s one of the most affordable options, and it’s also very simple but the unique design makes it interesting and eye-catching. It uses OSB instead of plywood, and you’ll also need the usual shingles, foam board, drip caps and exterior paint to complete this project. When you’ve assembled the roofs and the walls, you can either place the construction on your porch or build a separate base for it.

Indoors refuge

DIY Dog House Project: a roof over your woofs head | ecogreenlove

Finally, if your pooch is not the outdoors type but you still want to provide them with a residence of their own, you can try your hand at transforming the space under your staircase into a comfy nook for them. This is definitely a project that you want to undertake only if you’re more experienced in construction, or alternatively, you can call a friend of yours who is and assist them along the way. If you already have some kind of a storage room under your stairs – you’re in luck, because then all you need to do is modify it a bit to make it appropriate for your doggy. If you don’t, there will be a little more work involved, but the project is still more than possible. It’s not as expensive as it looks, and it’s a nice and convenient place for a dog home. If you have a staircase outdoors, you can adapt this project and create a similar nook for your pup there.

Building a house for your furry friend can be a great family project that not only saves you money but also gives your pup a home that perfectly fits their needs as well as your aesthetic preferences. Whichever of these projects you choose, your dog will surely love it and you can rest assured that they are safe and sound from all weather conditions.

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