How to get rid of almost Anything [Infographic]

How to get rid of almost Everything [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Whether it’s a mattress, an old appliance or construction debris, when you’ve got something you need to trash, it’s not always as easy as throwing it in the weekly pickup. Large items need special care in order to be taken away — and, more than that, they need intentionality in their disposal if you want to minimise their resulting impact on the environment. That means, when you want to dispose of something but don’t know how to do it, you need a basic understanding of where and how to get rid of goods.

Is it possible to dispose of goods without contributing to the 220 annual tons of waste generated in the United States? What do you do with items that won’t fit into regular trash pickup? The answer to these questions lies within the field of waste management.

What is waste management?

An overarching term that includes more than 20 industries, waste management involves the collection, transportation and eventual disposal of various waste materials. This field is designed to offer several solutions that can repurpose and re-use materials, such as recycling, composting, fermentation, incineration, land application and landfills.

What should you do with excess trash?

Whether you’re renovating a home or swapping out an appliance, when you have excess waste of which to dispose, it’s important to know the best method for dealing with it. The below infographic provides several solutions for getting rid of large items, unwanted furniture, household waste, yard debris, and other junk and debris.

If you’re trying to figure out how to dispose of hazardous waste, old tires, fluids, electronics or something else, this resource offers clear strategies for knowing what to do. Use this guide to help you determine where and when to get rid of the goods you no longer need.

How to get rid of almost Everything [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
This Waste Disposal Guide was provided by 1-866-JUNK-ITT

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This Waste Disposal Guide was provided by <strong><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">1-866-JUNK-ITT</a></strong></p>

How is the disposal system where you live?
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2 thoughts on “How to get rid of almost Anything [Infographic]

  1. Hello friends of Ecogreenlove:
    Talking about the article “Get to rid of almost anything”, I’ll give a comment.
    I live in Maracaibo, Venezuela. From ever we have had problems with waste and its appropriate handle. Nowadays, we’re in same place, with a small difference: there are individual initiatives, foundations, etc; which work as organized community offering a solution to this old problem. I joined to a foundation called El Zulia recicla. Its main goal is to educate people to separate waste at home and carry on them to one point in the city. They take all these waste and make money in the recycling business.
    Every Saturday you can check through the social nets, where will be the members of El Zulia recicla, Then we drop of our classified waste.
    On the other hand, I reduce my garden waste & rest of food doing composts. Day by day, My garbage bags is smaller than yesterday. That is my best victory opposite to the reckless of the local authorities.
    You can find El Zulia recicla in social nets like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM
    Thanks a lot for informations about Enviroment and ecological tips
    Ana María Romero

    1. Gracias por pasar y comentar Ana María! Es genial lo que estás haciendo, ojalá que más iniciativas y personas se unan como tú y el manejo de la basura mejore en Venezuela y aún mejor, que las personas reduzcan sus desechos y sigan tu ejemplo.

      Buscaré por redes la iniciativa que comentas, saludos! 💚

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