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Ecofriendly home tips | ecogreenlove

Have you been feeling more conscious about what you can do to help the environment as of late? Are you looking for ways that you can create a more eco-friendly home and leave less of a footprint? Making the decision to go green is a big one, and one you should feel great about.

Check out the following tips and start making your home more eco-friendly today:

Embrace Recycling Whenever Possible

Ecofriendly home tips | ecogreenloveA big part of going green is to embrace recycling whenever possible. It’s also important to think outside the box when it comes to recycling. Recycling can involve more than just the waste in your home, it can also play into the items you buy. For example, look for furniture that uses recycled or reclaimed materials, buy food items that use recyclable packaging, carry around a reusable insulated water bottle instead of disposable plastic bottles, and start bringing your own cloth bags to the grocery store instead of using the plastic bags they offer.

Get Rid of Those Old Light Bulbs

If you’re looking to be more eco-friendly then the first step is usually to get rid of those old electricity guzzling light bulbs and switch to energy-saving LED lights. These LED lights use up to 80% less energy than your traditional incandescent bulbs. They will also last anywhere from three to 25 times longer, which means much less waste since you’ll be going through less bulbs than before. Keep in mind, switching over to LED light bulbs can be expensive at first, but from there you’ll be able to enjoy a large cost savings.

Use Eco-Friendly Household Cleaners

Rather than using household cleaners that are filled with harsh chemicals, opt for natural cleaners that don’t harm the environment. If you’re feeling really energetic you can even make your own household cleaners. Homemade cleaners are just as effective as the chemical ones but they are much safer, and gentler on the environment. It also means that you won’t be breathing in the harsh chemicals, which can be an irritant to those who suffer from allergies and/or asthma.

Make Use of Insulated Curtains

If you want to be able to use less electricity to heat and cool your house, then it’s a good idea to install insulated curtains on doors and windows. These styles of curtains have a thick backing on them that works to insulate the window. This will help you to regulate the temperature in the home and to prevent the warm or cool air from escaping the home.

Consider Adjusting the Temperature on Your Water Heater

This is a tip that many don’t even think to use, but can amount to a big savings both in energy and the amount of money you spend in bills. By adjusting the temperature of your hot water, you’ll be reducing the amount of energy that is needed to heat it. It’s suggested that you turn it down but just a couple of degrees. You’ll still have access to hot water, but you won’t risk burning yourself.

Install Low Flow Toilets, Showerheads, Faucets

Another area that might be overlooked when going green, is the replacement of outdated faucets and toilets with low-flow eco-friendly models. These will use much less water, yet still provide you with the pressure you expect. As an added tip, cut down on the length of your showers and fill your bathtub only halfway when taking a bath.

Turn Off the Lights

Ecofriendly home tips | ecogreenloveHere’s another one of those really simple tips that doesn’t seem like much, but can add up to a lot of savings when it comes to hydro being used. Get into the habit of turning off the lights in every room of the house, except the one you’re in. If you find it too dark you can use energy-efficient nightlights throughout the house that will give you just enough light to make your way from room to room.

Grow Your Own Food

The last tip is a little bit more time-consuming but can be the most rewarding of all. Growing your own food is a wonderful way to cut back on the footprint you’re leaving, and in turn help the environment. Whether you have a small collection of potted herbs on a windowsill inside your home, or you have room for a full vegetable and fruit garden, any little bit will help.

Making Changes That Have a Positive Impact

Whether you are looking to make a couple of small changes or you want to make a more drastic change, all of these tips will help you to create an eco-friendlier home.

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What changes have you already applied in your eco-friendly home?

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