Create a bright Colourful Garden

Create a bright Colourful Garden | ecogreenlove

When it comes to beautifying the exterior of your home, one of the best ways to go about it is by creating a garden that is full of bright and eye-catching colours. For those who don’t have a green thumb, the idea of putting together a garden that provides curb appeal and adds to the enjoyment of your home can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s not as difficult, time consuming, or as expensive as you may think.

Check out the following tips, and create that beautiful, brightly coloured garden that you have always dreamed of.

Embrace Colour as Well as Greenery

You may be wondering why colour is such an important factor in creating that “perfect” garden. While greenery certainly has its place, and should be included in a well-balanced garden, ideally you don’t want this greenery to be the focal point. Allow greenery to act as the anchor in the garden, the pieces that pull it all together.

Another tip, choose greenery that sticks around all year so that even in the dead of winter when your flowers are long gone for the season, you’ll still have that burst of colour peeking through.

Make Use of Repetition

Before you even head to the gardening store to pick up your choices, begin by picking a few basic colours that you like. If you want the colour to really pop, go ahead and pick something that manages to stand out against the colour of your house.

Once you’ve picked a couple of key colours, the rule should be using repetition. Go ahead and pick various types of flowers and species, but stick within those couple of colour groups.
The reason repetition works is that it creates a greater sense of that colour. It’s going to be repeated again and again in your garden, which is extremely eye-catching. It also helps to create flow in your garden and prevent it from looking too messy, disorganized, and wild.

If you feel as though you may get bored with those same couple of colours, you can always switch it up based on the season. Obviously, this requires a lot more work and planning though.

Be Mindful of the Blooming Period

Different annuals and perennials bloom at different times of the year. In order to ensure you have a bright coloured garden at all times, you’re going to need to be mindful of the bloom period of each species. Try to aim for a least a few varieties at one time to be in bloom and then spread them around the garden rather than clumping them together.

Because it’s hard to remember all the bloom periods as you start to plan your garden, it’s a good idea to keep a gardening journal. You can make note of what you’re planting, when you planted it, where you planted it, when it blooms, and the colour of the blooms.

Choose Varieties that Fit Your Lifestyle

Picking out your plants and flowers, then putting them in the ground is just the start of the battle. Now you need to care for them and make sure they stay looking lush and healthy. With that said, you’ll want to pick varieties that also fit your lifestyle. If you’re the type that doesn’t have a lot of time available, then you will want to opt for plants, shrubs, and flowers that don’t need constant watering, fertilizing, trimming, and deadheading.

Make a Habit of Layering

For that lush looking garden that you see in the pages of home and lifestyle magazines, you’ll need to practice the habit of layering. This means your garden will have various layers to it. You’ll want to plant the tallest items at the back of the garden, picking items that get progressively smaller as you work your way to the front. This creates that dense look that has an even better appearance during full bloom.

Stock Up on Perennials

Create a bright Colourful Garden | ecogreenlove

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck as you create your colourful garden, you’re going to want to stock up on perennials. Perennials come back year after year and will continue to get larger, thicker, and taller each. While they may seem a bit sparse that first year, come the second year, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how big they get and how much space they fill. Instead, you can rely on annuals for small pops of colour between and around your various perennials.

Maybe You Do Have a Green Thumb

Thanks to these tips you may just discover that you have a green thumb after all. As you manage to put together a stunning and brightly coloured garden, remember that it will take time to bring this dream to life.

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As a leading professional in lawn care, Jim’s Mowing knows what it takes to develop luscious green lawns, and we have the right equipment and expertise to create one at your place.

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