Types of Plastics + Meanings [Infographic]

Types of Plastics + Meanings [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

I found this infographic very informative and useful. The aim of this, originally, is to know which plastic is “best for you”. We, at ecogreenlove, think plastic is no good for anybody since is at the moment out of our hands and polluting our bodies and our planet. But, is important to know the different types of plastic and the meaning behind those numbers inside of the “Recycling” symbol to know what and why we should avoid them.

Packaging a product in a plastic container goes beyond color, shape, and marketability – as different plastic resins have their own distinct characteristics that can dramatically impact a package.

Scroll down and take a look this quick and easy to read Plastic Packaging Cheat Sheet. It is an indispensable reference to help clarify plastic characteristics that are often confusing. In just a few short moments you can learn more about the 7 major categories of plastics used for packaging, their physical characteristics, and the potential for a reaction with your product.

Types of Plastics + Meanings [Infographic] | ecogreenlove
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