Poll: Natural Hair Styling alternatives

Poll: Zero Waste Natural Hair Styling alternatives | ecogreenlove

Hi guys! Please help me find alternatives to naturally style my hair without using store-bought gels or hair sprays, ideally homemade or that I can find in plastic-free packaging. I will really appreciate your feedback 💚

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4 thoughts on “Poll: Natural Hair Styling alternatives

  1. I don’t use gel or hairspray in general. If I am trying to get texture in my hair I will braid or twist it the night before and sleep on it 🙂 It tends to last the whole day if I sleep on it, so I have no need for sprays…hope that helps!

    1. Thanks Candice! I usually braid my hair as well (medium length) but still on the next day since I have a lot of hair (wavy) and the water here is very hard my hair has become dull with no shine and very frizzy, only if I use some oils gets better but I wonder if there would be a better alternative 🙂

    2. I do the same, but some times i need to fight with it a little bit when i want a clean ponytail xD so i use vanilla extract with water instead of styling gel.

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