Quiet public holiday walk

Happy three kings day! It is public holiday in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and took the opportunity to go for a walk a bit later. It was cloudy and with very light rain, but the quiet streets made the walk totally worth it. Below are two impressions of Heidelberg, almost 9am already and there are barely cars on the roads 🙂

Quiet public holiday walk in Heidelberg | ecogreenloveBelow, the Neckar river:
Quiet public holiday walk in Heidelberg | ecogreenlove

I prefer the mornings so I can still see how the sun rises and slowly you start seeings people and cars beginning the daily routine. Also, there is less noise, you can still hear the birds. 😉

Do you enjoy taking walks during the week? If so, what’s the best hour for you to do it?

Look deep into Nature, you’ll understand Everything! 🌱

ecogreenlove | circular love

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