10 Reasons to Drink Tap Water

If This Doesn’t Convince You to Stop Drinking Bottled Water, Nothing Will

There are many reasons to skip bottled water and head straight to the tap. We have summed what we thought were the top 10 in one simple infographic. If this doesn’t convince you, maybe nothing will.

Be sure to pass this along to those who might not be quite convinced that tap water is the way to. Link to the full size infographic as a downloadable PDF.


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Drink Tap Water

  1. Thanks for posting. I’ve shared this on Facebook. My ex told me yesterday he won’t buy bottled water anymore. Yesterday on the side of the label, he read something like “Bottled at the L.A. municipal water supply” or words to that effect. Such a scam.

  2. Really cool infographic, thanks for sharing! It has always baffled me when we ship bottled water from one county to another, when there’s plenty beneath our feet…

    I actually made an infographic last week about the benefits of a plant based diet, which includes a little look at sustainability. You might find it interesting! The link is here if you wanna check it out.

    If you like it, feel free to share it with others or reblog!


    1. Thank you for reading and joining!
      I will surely share the infographic, if you don’t mind, next week 🙂

      Feel free to share as well!

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