reusing old Sweatpants

60 Second DIY Dog Sweater (made from old sweatpants!)
Turn an old pair of sweatpants into #lace pajama #shorts with this upcycling #DIY tip
DIY Fashion: Turn old sweatpants from boring to cute!

DIY Tablet Case form old sweatpants
Ear warmer made from part of old sweatpants
How to make a braided tug toy out of an old pair of sweat pants
Use old sweat pants to make a travelling neck pillow
Recycled Sweatpants Scarf – I made this for my 3 year old daughter out of her outgrown sweatpants!
Mittens from Sweatpants
DIY Fashion Project: Trackie Pants to Cute Summer Boy Shorts (and there’s NO SEWING involved)…

Any Feedback is Welcome, be nice 💚

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