Reusing plastic bags (liners) from cereal


Reuse Wax Package Liners
Reuse Wax Package Liners
Cut, clean cereal bags ready to use. They’re sturdy, easy to clean and you can use them over and over.
Recycled Cereal box liner iron infused plastic- sewn into gift bags
Use cereal bag to cover leftovers

Non-Stick Smusher
Separating homemade hamburgers or snacks in the fridge or freezer
Use an empty Cereal box plastic bag to pound the chicken
As a shelf liner. Great for the pantry (and no more honey dripping on your shelf!). Also great as drawer liners too for the vanity, refrigerator crispers, and office drawers.
Reuse liners for storing frozen foods
Protect surfaces while working on a craft project.
Envelope from the liner of a cereal box
You can freeze cookie dough wrapped up in the liner of the cereal box.
freeze leftover tomato paste, line it with a leftover cereal box liner
Herb garden in a cereal box
Cereal Box Liners For Patterns
mini stocking made using a piece of recycled plastic bag from a box of breakfast cereal.
reuse a cereal bag is to make your own cracker crumbs!
Extra trash can liner
Store the chips in an empty cereal box liner and a bag clip.
Reuse cereal liners, they are super strong
Fire Starters
Pages of a book for kids
Doll Eco Bag
Plastic Carpet Gliding Skates
This bag could also be made with cereal plastic bag liner, maybe?

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