Reusing Old Bras

Upcycled Bras | ecogreenlove

First of all, if you can fix it, mend it.

If not, here are some ideas to repurpose them!

Choxie Inspired Lavender-Filled Bra Sachet [Etsy]
diy adjustable bra strap bracelet

Bra purse Tutorial

How to make a Purse from Bra

Resurrect your bras – potpurri pouch
bra reused as a shopping bag
diy: vintage bra wristlet
Growing Tomatoes In A Bra And Other Interesting Frugal Ideas
Don’t Need Extra Bra Padding? Repurpose Those Pads as Shoe Inserts
Bra to Bathingsuit DIY
Recycle bras into pet balls
bra strap headband
Upcycled Bra Strap Headband
Bra as knee pads
Bra as dust/gas mask
DIY Lacey banana clip out of old bra straps
You could make a cable winder from an old bra strap
Old Bra=New Accessory! = Bra Broach
Donate your bras

Send them to be recycled to Bra Recyclers | Donate them to Bras for a Cause


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