DIY: Christmas Tree, Ornaments and Tree Topper

[Updated: May 2019]

Christmas Trees

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Egg Carton Christmas Tree [broken link]
29 Creative And Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas
Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

100% recycled Christmas Tree
A Hanging Egg Carton Christmas Tree [broken link]
rustic recycled christmas
Reuse plastic bottles to make a recycled Christmas Tree
Re-Purposed Yardstick Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
Handmade upcycled Christmas tree with driftwood and origami
Christmas tree made from an old worn out book
A scrap timber Christmas tree
The Reading Christmas Tree
RECYCLING christmas tree – inspiration
Recycled Christmas tree, made of bottle caps
18 Kick Ass Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees
Upcycled Christmas Tree with plastic bottles
A re-cycled Christmas tree? Creator, photographer and location unknown.
The World’s Largest Cardboard Christmas Tree Springs up in London! Read more: The World’s Largest Cardboard Christmas Tree Springs up in London
another great recycled Christmas Tree made of glass bottles
Unusual Christmas Trees – 46 Pics
DIY Advent Calendar from Recycled Materials
DIY Book Page Trees
Jane’s Wall Collection Christmas Tree
Book Tree Tutorial
How to Make Book Page Mini Trees
Book Page Christmas Tree
Recycled Paper Christmas Tree


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DIY: Christmas Tree, Ornaments and Tree Topper | ecogreenlove
Santa Claus made with deo balls by casa’art {Portuguese}
💚 Ideas to Repurpose Deo Roll-on Balls
Christmas ornament with pantyhose
Christmas ornament with pantyhose
Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments
15+ DIY Christmas Ornament decorations & Inspirations
DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs + Video Tutorial
recycling tealights diy for x-mas
Christmas tree cork ornaments
Christmas deco
Paper ornaments
Can lid ornaments
Bottle cap snowmen ornament
recycled cork christmas ornaments
Recycled Lid Christmas Tree Ornament
Bottle Cap Christmas Tree ~ Christmas Tree Ornament

How to Recycle Christmas Tree Ornaments

How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

Tree Topper

TP Roll Tree Topper Tutorial
DIY – Holiday Card star
RE-cycling: Sunburst Mirror Tree Topper Craft
Hand-stitched twig and bird tree topping star – designed for our own little rustic holiday tree.
Recycled cardboard… Christmas tree topper or wall art

Trash is the failure of Imagination 😉

Trash is the failure of Imagination | ecogreenlove

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