Reusing milk and juice cartons

Carton Wallet
Milk/Juice Carton Beverage Coasters
Redesigned Orange Juice Carton Gift Box
Spellbinders Upcycled Juice Carton
Milk carton basket no glue
Basket from an Old Orange Juice Carton

How to make a milk carton bag

cheapo phone rest
Milk Carton Planter

apple juice carton necklace

Packaging Lights by Anke Weiss
Cartonnage Makeup Holder Aka The Ultimate Milk Carton Upcycle
Milk carton sun wreath
Upcycled Milk Carton Organizer for Kids’ Shoes
Juice and milk containers recycled into herbs garden
Upcycle: Ice Candles mold
Milk carton geometrical lamp shade
iPod on – Emerging from blue box
Upcycled Tags STAR of upcycled paper tags from tetra pack
Tetra Pak weaving
Birdhouse or BirdFeeder from Milk Carton
weaved milk carton pots
tetrapak pencil case

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