Recipe: Carrot pulp (from juice) Cakes / Patties

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No Leftovers: How to use Juicer Pulp

Since spring, the fresh produce is perfect not only for eating it raw, for the grill or just to cook/bake delicious recipes, but also to juice it up! (Specially carrots) And most of the times we use a Juicer or we use a strainer (colander) to avoid a too thick juice or just because we don’t like it. But I have realised that most of the nutrients are left there! So I searched several ways to use that leftover pulp and here are great ways, click the images to go directly to the recipes:

Carrot Pulp Cake

Recipe and Image via Always Order Dessert

Carrot Apple Ginger Tea Cakes

Recipe and Image via Food Thinkers

Green Guacamole

Recipe and Image via Choosing Raw

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