Survival Foods

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With proper storage, knock these items off of your survival food worries list and lighten your load. More details below:

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Recipe: Honey Lemon Roasted Hokkaido Wedges

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A savoury pumpkin side dish bursting with colour and flavour, perfect for autumn.

Eat Good, Feel Good!

Hokkaido pumpkins, also known as red kuri squash, originally from island Hokkaido, Japan, have a deep orange colour and are very sweet inside. You can use them in cooking, baking or simply enjoy them raw.

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Artificially Sweeteners or Natural Sugar Replacements?

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The number of sweeteners available today is staggering. We see high fructose corn syrup, sorbitol, dextrose, xylitol, and sugar in our packaged foods along with white, blue, pink, brown and now green packets to spruce up that iced tea in restaurants. If you are keeping up with the trends, agave nectar and stevia are all the rage. But have you ever stopped to wonder what all the sweeteners really are? Regardless of where you ended up on the flowchart or what you think of your choice, understanding what the sweetener is and where it comes from is the first step.

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Things you should Not Refrigerate

The refrigerator is a great invention that has hugely increased the time we can keep out food without it spoiling.  However, whilst it is an essential tool to store food safely for some foods, others do not respond well to lower temperatures and can lose much of their flavor and even spoil quicker when stored in the fridge.

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Recipe: Oats Healthy Easy Breakfast

20140728-103902-38342837.jpgChoose your favourite ‪summer‬ ‪‎fruit‬ and mix it with rolled ‪oats‬, raisins, nuts and honey.
You have your ‪healthy‬ ‪‎breakfast‬ ready!

‪‎Benefits‬ of Oats:
• Lowers cholesterol
• Stabilises blood sugar levels
• Lowers the cancer risk
• Reduces high blood pressure
• Reduces constipation
• Helps you lose weight
• Improves athletic performance
• Help to have a longer healthier life
• Help the body to heal quickly
• Are tasty
• Help you sleep