Upcycling and Urban Gardening [Infographic]

Originally Published on ThisBigCity.net

Upcycling is probably one of the internet’s favourite things. If that wasn’t inspiration enough, check out this new infographic, featuring gardening ideas for shutters, ladders, and more.



Reusing Broken Things (in general)

Almost EVERYTHING can be reused, check these great ideas!

Fill your dyed Easter eggs with beeswax and create tea lights out of them.
Make plant markers out of broken pots.
If you’ve got the artistic skill, make a little micro-garden out of those shards.

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DIY: Christmas Tree, Ornaments and Tree Topper


Christmas Trees

Jump to Ornaments • Jump to Tree Topper

Egg Carton Christmas Tree [broken link]
29 Creative And Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas
Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

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Reusing aluminium can lids


Tin lid magnets
Fence flowers
Canning Lid Monster Craft

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DIY: Candle holders


hand made recycled candle holder
Recycled candle holder
Recycled candle holder

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Reusing aluminium bottle caps

Updated: July 2016

Reusing aluminium bottle caps | ecogreenlove
necklace by upcycleupnorth
Reusing aluminium bottle caps | ecogreenlove
bottle cap designs by yoav kotik visit: http://www.kotik-design.com/
Reusing aluminium bottle caps | ecogreenlove
wind chime

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Reusing soda / food cans


Updated: April 2016

Scarf organiser
Scarf organiser
scarf organizer II
Mood candle lights

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