Eco-friendly bedroom cleaning and decorating ideas

Eco-friendly bedroom cleaning and decorating ideas | ecogreenlove

The bedroom is a universal synonym for a safe haven. A place you can unwind and be your truest self, where you can leave the hectic world behind and all worries at the threshold. Then the best thing you can do for yourself and for keeping your sanity is make it as cozy and relaxing as possible. With the countless different stores providing adorable furniture pieces and decoration, picking the right one can be quite overwhelming and even exhausting. We are here to tell you it’s all going to be fine and we have your back. Here are some original, imaginative, and most importantly, 100% green ideas for decorating and cleaning, you can apply to your favourite place in the world – the holy bedroom!


Starting from the very beginning, cleaning everything is the best foundation for a good looking bedroom. The bed takes a central part in this story and making sure your bedding is clean and feels and smells fresh is essential. This might sound like a no-brainer, but you should strip and launder your sheets every week to keep your bed bacteria-free.

What you might forget about, however, is to regularly flip your mattress. Usually new mattresses should be rotated, on average, every 3 months. It’s a bit tricky procedure, but it will save you many a trouble in the long run. For an extra disinfection, sprinkle baking soda all over it, let sit for 2 hours and then vacuum off. If your bed doesn’t have storage space, the next step should be to thoroughly clean under it. As we all know, hair and dust tends to linger there and it’s best to be frequently cleaned.

It’s time to take out the big guns. The vacuum machine and your bedroom should be best friends at this point. Vacuum out the closet and everywhere it can reach. If you have a carpet or some kind of a rug, you should vacuum it every 3-4 days, and wash it once a month to keep its fresh look and good condition for longer. Another item you have to keep in mind when you do your domestic chores is to clean the curtains or shades on your windows. Dust them off carefully with the vacuum cleaner. Windows are even easier to clean, just spray them with a solution of ¼ cup white vinegar and 2 cups warm water, and enjoy an unobstructed view.


Now that we’re done scrubbing and completely rejuvenating the bedroom, it’s time for the next level – decorating it in a environmental-friendly way. Wood pallets are no longer a thing associated only with storing, packing and shipping of different goods. Nowadays they can enter and find a place in our homes in many ways, like for example, in the form of rustic couch and coffee table set.

In the bedroom pallets can be found as king size or even a toddler beds. Carefully scrubbing and polishing them will give them a more refined look. Try painting them in white for a cleaner aesthetic or colour-coordinate them with the rest of your bedroom interior. Christmas lights tucked inside them will turn your bedroom in a rustic, yet modern place to unwind. To complete the set, pallets come in handy for building bedside tables, hamper box for your clothing and even the face of a fantastic clock.

Transform your life starting with your bedroom today!

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