2 thoughts on “Hawaii Becomes First State To Ban Plastic Bags At Grocery Stores

  1. Here in the UK, Wales and Scotland have introduced laws that require shops to charge a small fee for carrier bags, but unfortunately this has not yet happened in England. I do think there is much more awareness about plastic carrier bags now – most shop assistants ask if you would like a bag rather than just giving them out. I remember just a few years ago, people used to find me really odd for using a re-usable fabric shopping bag – I’m glad to say now, many other people also use re-usable shopping bags too!

    1. Yes, is getting more common now 🙂 Here in Germany they sell you plastic, paper and fabric bags, but most of the people (young and old) take either milk boxes or reusable bags, there is really a few percentage that actually buys the plastic bags, despite of being so cheap. But ideal would be that they don’t sell them at all! I hope soon many more countries follow the example of banning the plastic bag in grocery stores and also farmer’s markets, I’ve seen they also have some!
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