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You decide on to order some gorgeous pepper plants from your favourite garden supermarket. You find different types and you are looking for the healthy, the best and the low-priced.When you come back home you start searching for the best place in your garden to plant your new pepper to grow. The next day at morning you wander to the garden with your breakfast to enjoy your new peppers and to check out if they have grown up some inches. Then you find that your plant is destroyed.

You have just been attacked by the epidemic of the garden. Identified as: “Slugs”

Snails and slugs can totally eat a little plant in a short time. And also take large chunks out of the leaves on bigger plants. Certainly slugs several advantages to humanity, But not in your beautiful vegetable garden. So, how do you eliminate them?

It’s not important what technique you use, you should get rid of all particles from your garden and the around area. Slugs get up at night and do not prefer getting uncovered to the open air or sunlight. Consequently, they Live and protect themself below stones, crass clippings or old wood. So, the first action in eliminating them is to get rid of all their hiding places. Stones, grass clippings, wooden boards and ancient tools that have been in the area for many weeks… they all should be taken away.Now, find a way to eliminate them. Here are some solutions:

Copper strips: You can buy copper strips at the garden market built for this reason. The concept is that you totally encircle your garden with a copper strip wall and slugs can’t pass the copper strip. I have discovered this Method, it is useful, but a few slugs plainly cross the wall. 

Use Your Hand: Very easy. Move out into the lawn at weekend and hand pick the slugs. This technique also works but it is boring and time wasting. Some of my friends prefer do it this way.
Snail Bait: This Method is the perfect one. However, conventional snail bait is interesting to dogs and it is toxic to dogs and children. I will not use a toxic substance all around plants in my garden which I plan to feed on. But, there is always a healthier product. 
Many garden stores and big marketplaces currently promote snail bait that is “pet safe”. It’s expansive but not more than your children and your pets. It is not dangerous to animals and families. And it goes to work. Only use in the afternoon, around the garden or specific plants you need to save. Use it again each couple of days when you’re watering your plant or after the rain stop

Begin your process of treatment before the planting season and keep on for fifteen days. After that use only once a week during the growing period and you will never have a slug issue. Sometimes you can find some slugs survive. But this is very exceptional; also you can use your hand to get rid of them as necessary every morning walking in your garden.I hope I could inform you that there is an inexpensive, powerful home remedy for slugs. Such as mixing vinegar, ketchup and water or anything like that, but pet-friendly snail bait has shown the most successful.


2 thoughts on “How Do You Get Rid Of Slugs In The Garden? via @dotcomexpert

  1. Long time ago someone told me beer for slugs. When I move here and big soft slugs were 5 inches long I tried it with great results. I used Aluminum disposable pans. I bought the cheapest quarts of cheap beer the corner market had. Next morning thick layers of slugs were piled in every pan, problem is I live beside the church. It smelled like a brewery in the neighborhood that sunny Summer day. 3 more times, 3 weeks apart success; and now I treat occasionally with pet safe bait.

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