How to store Flour (and other dry foods) and prevent pests

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Sugar and flour are two basic pantry staples. In previous generations, before mass-produced convenience foods were the norm, households stocked up on flour and sugar, used to make such basics as breads and other bakery items. For our great-grandparents, the need for long-term flour and sugar storage was often due to the inability to get to the market during some seasons. In modern times, households unable to use an entire package of flour or sugar within a short time frame must safely store flour and sugar for a long period.

No matter how clean you keep your kitchen, pests cans still cause problems in your pantry. They enter your home in a variety of ways and seek out improperly stored foods to lay eggs in. The eggs hatch into larva that look like worms, and they can spoil your food as they grow into full-fledged insects. The key to preventing worms in your food is to be proactive and make sure your flours and grains are stored properly as soon as you get home from the store.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Slugs In The Garden? via @dotcomexpert


You decide on to order some gorgeous pepper plants from your favourite garden supermarket. You find different types and you are looking for the healthy, the best and the low-priced.When you come back home you start searching for the best place in your garden to plant your new pepper to grow. The next day at morning you wander to the garden with your breakfast to enjoy your new peppers and to check out if they have grown up some inches. Then you find that your plant is destroyed.

You have just been attacked by the epidemic of the garden. Identified as: “Slugs”
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