What to eat this month – December


December's best

White Cabbage

White CabbageCharacterised by its crisp texture, white cabbage is a top choice for making coleslaw, or as an accompaniment to hearty winter meals and roast dinners.

Our quick and tasty tips:

  • For a twist on champ, try stirring cooked shredded cabbage into creamy mash with some finely sliced spring onions, then dot with butter.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels SproutsThey’re a cracking little winter veg packed with earthy flavour and goodness. Mash with parmesan and cream or fry with garlic and almonds to bring them alive.

Our quick and tasty tip

  • Try tossing hot cooked buttered sprouts with some finely chopped rosemary, crispy pancetta and crumbled chestnuts. Season well with pepper.



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