Reusing old business cards

Business Card Tricks

How to Reuse Old Business Cards

DIY | Business Card Upcycle
Second hand shop re-using the back of absolete business cards

2400 Business Cards, No Glue
diy business cards, for the pinners
old business card project
Three Fun Crafts with Old Business Cards
Lamp from old business cards
Turn old business cards into chalkboard tags.
Ways to Upcycle Old Business Cards & 250 Uprinting Business Card Giveaway
Paper Chalkboard Tags with old business cards
Chore Chart using the back of old business cards
Tutorial: The Anything Banner with old business cards
Here’s How to Ensure Your Cat Eye Is Always Flawless using an old (but stiff) business card
Could be fun to do this with business card. Turn old Christmas cards into eye-catching baubles.
Recycled Art = Handmade Book
a numeral recognition/counting game for toddlers using old business cards
A new, green use for old business cards
Five Geometrics Necklace: die cut paint swatches, business cards, aluminum wine wrappers, antique sequins, dyed coconut shells, old jewelry parts
Take an old business card or something like that and put it over ur eye lid while putting on mascara, and move your brush back and forth to prevent the need of eye liner
Used some of my old business cards as earring diplay holders.
Eyebrow stencil using an old business card
Old business cards made into flashcards!
Magnetic scrabble pieces from printed paper (see scrabble crafts) and old business card magnets.
Business card people
ornament out of old business cards and rubber bands.
How to make business card cubes. Another tutorial here
Menger’s Spongiform Encephalopathy (fractal with business cards)
sonobe cube instructions
modular origami: rings by Mette Pederson step 1 and step 2
A use for old business cards

How to make a 3D Origami Triangle

Other sources for modular origami

Tutorial Business card polyhedra
Business Card Origami: collection of origami business card models guides
Origami Resource Center: Business card origami
Modular origami: Business card origami

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