Reusing old Perfume Bottles

Repurpose old Perfume Bottles | ecogreenlove
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Before anything, you need to clean the bottles. Follow this guide from eHow with only a few basic ingredients from your pantry like vinegar, dish soap and rice.

“You may wish to reuse an empty perfume bottle or display a fancy or antique perfume bottle that you have held onto for several years. Running a perfume bottle through a dishwasher may crack or even break the bottle, and scrubbing the inside of the perfume bottle likely will not remove all of the perfume’s fragrance from the bottle’s interior. Simply soaking the bottle may not remove all of the perfume residue inside. Cleaning perfume bottles effectively is easy.” Continue reading “Reusing old Perfume Bottles”


DIY: Repurposed Stamps

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Trash into Treasure [Infographic]

Trash into Treasure [Infographic] | ecogreenloveby DustBox

Upcycling is the term given to recycling waste by turning it into a new product, often of a higher quality or value than the original product to begin with. It has become very popular of late to upcycle many items for example clothes, suitcases and trunks, but also industrial materials converted to furniture or old kitchen pots and pans converted to garden ornaments. Continue reading “Trash into Treasure [Infographic]”

Reusing Baby Food Jars and Bottles

If the bottles are scratched up and junky and can’t be reused, ask your local recycling office where can you recycle them.”


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Reusing puzzle pieces

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