June Seasonal Food [Infographic]

Get choosing, cooking and storing tips from the produce that is getting out of season here

“If ever there were a time of year when it just feels right to eat well, June is it. The air is sweet and warm and there are oodles of healthy options in the grocery store (or, if you’re lucky, the local farm stand) that can help keep you energized through the long summer days.

Strawberries are summer’s stand-out sensation, but it’s just not tennis without the rest of the seasonal berries. Broad beans, tomatoes and fresh peas are also unmissable in June.”

When produce is in season locally, the relative abundance of the crop usually makes it less expensive. Fresh, locally harvested foods have their full, whole flavours intact, which they release to us when we eat them.

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Ugly Foods…?

via Just Eat it Movie FB Page, originally Published by Ugly Fruit and Veg FB Page
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“A lot of produce ends up as waste in this country, due to unsightliness. A survey of farmers in California suggests that it is anywhere from 5 to 30 percent of the harvest.”

– kcra.com

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Organic vs. Conventional [Video]

Can you tell the difference between Organic and Traditional fruit?

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May Seasonal Food [Infographic]

“Now that the weather is a bit warmer, many of us are thinking about getting outdoors to enjoy the spring air and sunshine.

May offers a welcome chance to get out there and be active, whether it’s by taking a walk with friends (good for the body and the soul!), enjoying a bike ride or — depending on the temperatures where you live — taking a refreshing dip in the nearest body of water.

All of those activities require fuel, which can come from eating healthy foods — particularly the fruits and vegetables that are at their peak this time of year.”

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Seasonal Food in April [Infographic]

Want to know which produce is fresh and in season, take a look to this infographic which will guide you through different general foods and tips on how to prepare and enjoy them!

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