A Guide to Produce Ripening [Infographic]

Originally Published on Lunds and Byerlys Blog

Everyone wants the produce they select to be the finest available and conditioned to the perfect texture and flavour. We strive to fulfil that desire for top produce on our shelves every day.

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Eating Out: Exclusive Rumpel Pizza

IMG_4674.JPGChicken breast filet, Pineapple, Broccoli, Pepperoni with Capers and Rocket sauce

RestaurantRumpelstizchen (Darmstadt)

Mmmm, is the specialty of the house for a reason!

*This week I will be posting meals we’ve had in restaurants and that we have liked and enjoyed so much.

When Are Fruits In Season? [Infographic]

Originally published on GreekBodyCodex

Ever wondered why sometimes your fruit tastes fresh and full of flavor where other times it tastes dull and old? Some fruits are seasonal and either don’t grow at all during certain months or don’t do well during certain times of the year. This infographic will tell you when all of your favorite fruits are in season and when they’ll taste the absolute best.

Recipe: Cherry-Pineapple upside down cakes

IMG_4096.PNGWatch the Video Recipe here

Here is my attempt in making these mini cakes, not visually perfect but they were delicious (I’ve been told) 😉

Just for Today, eat Dessert first. Have fun!

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Recipe inspiration: This is why I love Salads

IMG_3947.JPGThis is why I love salads. They are quick, colourful, delicious and so easy to make, no recipe needed really:

Just tossed lettuce, cucumber, sweet corn, tomatoes as pineapple with a basic vinaigrette