The Art of Napping: tips & stats [Infographic]

The Art of Napping: tips & stats [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

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“Midday naps for adults are slowly becoming more acceptable, and they have science and HR backing them up. Due to longer work hours and more sleep-deprived (read: unproductive) workers, more and more workplaces are embracing naps and even creating designated rooms for them. Why? According to researchers and scientists, when done properly, naps can be extremely beneficial in retaining memory, upping productivity, and improving performance.” – ERICA SMITH

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How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits + Tips

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Taking a nap, we’ve seen time and again, is like rebooting your brain.  Everyone likes to get a quick nap in every now and then, but napping may be as much of an art as it is a science. The Wall Street Journal offers recommendations for planning your perfect nap, including how long to nap and when.

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How to avoid eating out of Boredom / Mindless Eating

DISCLAIMER: Please notice that this post is for people, like me, who eats out of boredom not for hunger. I’m not at all supporting the idea of avoid eating. Do not misinterpret this message linked to anorexia or any other eating disorder. If you have not eaten in the last 4 hours, then your body is asking you for food and nutritions. Listen to your body and take healthy measures.  All the information here shared (in the article and the blog in general) and my own does not substitute professional medical advice.

Bored, Not Hungry via A Lovely Life, Indeed

If you’re one of the many people who choose to make their way to the pantry when you’re bored, STOP! There are many other productive things you could be doing that will take your mind off food. Try some of these activities:

1. Plate It

When I want to eat everything in sight, it’s sometimes for a good reason: I’m hungry! If my breakfast, lunch, or dinner doesn’t satisfy me, I inevitably end up aimlessly snacking. Instead, I prepare a snack with a mix of healthy carbs, protein, and fat, and place it on a plate before I eat it. That way, I see how much I am eating instead of mindlessly chomping away.

2. Drink Up

I drink water throughout the day, but I also sip right before and during my meals to help satisfy my hunger. And if I’m feeling extra snacky, I’ll chug 8 to 10 ounces of water and then wait a little while before I decide whether to eat something. Most of the time, water does the trick.

3. Take A Walk

A brisk 10-minute walk around the block with my iPod almost always cures my boredom munchies. Plus, I get a little extra exercise in my day!
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Health Secrets from Around the Globe

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By Dr. Mehmet Oz on

From the Japanese to the Russians, the Greeks to the Kuna Indians of Panama, every culture has its own secrets to better health and longer life. These traditional remedies and practices—like drinking a calming herbal tea or cooking with a particular spice—might seem inconsequential, but researchers are discovering that these little things can make a world of difference. Try importing these six habits, all worth bringing home.

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10 Health Sense Tips

Looking for easy ways to get healthier? We’ve put together some of the best health sense tips to help you feel better, look better and live better.

You can improve your health sense by following these easy tips.

1: Eat Throughout the Day

Eat throughout the day so that you’re constantly satisfied. The less you eat, the more likely you are to sink into starvation mode and make your body want to store fat.

Eat small meals throughout the day.

2: Sneak in Exercise

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Keep a set of medium-weight dumbbells by your bed. Do a couple of reps when you wake up and at night before bed. Meanwhile, put a stationary bike in front of your TV and only watch while pedaling.

Keep dumbbells handy for easy weight lifting.

3: Take a Nap

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Sleep 45 minutes or less to avoid entering into deep sleep, when you may awaken feeling groggy, or sleep about 2 hours to sleep through an entire sleep cycle. Either way, you’ll awaken refreshed.

Naps aren’t just for kids.

4: Take a Breath

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Deep breathing raises levels of blood oxygen, promoting health in many ways — from stimulating the digestive process to improving fitness and mental performance.

Don’t forget to breathe!

5: Know Your Blood Pressure

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Approximately 1 in 4 Americans has high blood pressure. Nearly 1/3 don’t even know it! Maintaining your blood pressure can reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke so get tested.

High blood pressure can be managed with lifestyle changes and medications.

6: Have a Laugh

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Make laughter a part of your life. It exercises the lungs and lowers your heart rate and blood pressure. And remember, laughter can be contagious. Pass it on!

Laughter is great for your health.

7: Shop Wisely

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In the grocery store, stick to the outer perimeter. That’s where you’ll find fresh fruit, veggies, dairy products, fish and meats, and usually whole grains and breads. Avoid the aisles, which are full of processed foods.

Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store for healthier food.

8: Boost Your Energy

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Energy and exercising are best friends. One feeds the other and keeps you going in a positive cycle of health and well-being. Avoid large heavy meals, and keep those dinners light and before 8 p.m. when you can. You’ll feel more energized in the morning.

Keep your meals light and you’ll have more energy.

9: Outwit Aging

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Taking classes, reading, taking up a hobby or playing board games can keep your mind strong.

Keep your mind active with learning and mind games.

10: Quit Smoking

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Partnering with another person is a great way to quit smoking. They know what you’re going through and can offer support and even a spirit of competition to help you kick the habit.

Ready to stop smoking? Find a partner.

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