A Guide to Produce Ripening [Infographic]

Originally Published on Lunds and Byerlys Blog

Everyone wants the produce they select to be the finest available and conditioned to the perfect texture and flavour. We strive to fulfil that desire for top produce on our shelves every day.

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Eating Out: Coconut mousse with Mango topping

IMG_4900.JPGCoconut mousse with Mango topping (if I remember correctly)

RestaurantRed – die grüne Küche

It’s a shame, this picture really doesn’t make justice to the real thing
but this restaurant is one of my favourites in Heidelberg since they offer a wide variety of vegetarian‬ and vegan‬ dishes.

*This week I was posting meals we’ve had in restaurants and that we have liked and enjoyed so much.


Recipe: Leftovers Summer Fruit in pastry Galettes

IMG_4258.PNGThis recipe is a modified version. Get the Original Recipe here

A delicious way to use up some summer leftovers like Mango, Red currants and Gooseberries as fruit galettes.

Ready for the weekend?

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