DIY: Upcycled (& original) Holiday Gifts

DIY: Upcycled (& original) Holiday Gifts | ecogreenlove

Updated: September 2018

I have always liked giving functional presents for these holiday season as well as for birthdays. And most of the years I make some time to create the gifts myself, maybe is only the wrapping (not that I create the gift per se) but something that makes it unique and more personalised. I have collected some ideas, a few but quite not so common, that I hope they inspire you.

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DIY: Upcycled (& original) Holiday Gifts | ecogreenlove
Painted Rocks as paper weights. Check their 40+ Gifts Kids can Make for Grown-Ups ideas!

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Reusing Old Shoes

First of all, if you have shoes that can be repaired, you just have to give them some new look and/or donate them. If not, search for a local

Below you can read zero waste minimalist Shia’s (WastelandRebel) experience with donating/recycling old shoes:

DIY Tutorials How To Make a New Shoes From Your Old Ones

If you are considering throwing them away, then take a look to these ideas to reuse old shoes without wearing them:
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