Green Media: California Drought – Is all Water Use created equal?

California is in its fourth year of a historic and devastating drought. It’s so severe that earlier this summer, Governor Jerry Brown imposed statewide water restrictions. But are some people sacrificing more than others? We hit the road to find out.

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California’s groundwater problem

With an alarmingly dry winter and California reservoirs dropping fast, groundwater increasingly is keeping the state hydrated. It now accounts for about 60 percent of California’s water supply. But unlike its rivers, lakes and reservoirs, the state does not consider groundwater part of the public good. It does not regulate groundwater like it does surface water. Landowners can pump as much water as they want.

So for nearly a century, Californians have drained an incredible amount of water from the ground to grow crops and water landscaping. It is not sustainable. The water has not returned. The result is a sinking state. Here is a summary of some startling facts (Originally posted by  on about California’s groundwater depletion: Continue reading “California’s groundwater problem”