Recipe inspiration: Fruit on Bread for Breakfast

IMG_4556.PNGGet a slice of bread, spread cottage cheese and top it with the fruit of your choice. I used Plums and Maraschino Cherries

Have a good kicking start into the week!


Things you should Not Refrigerate

The refrigerator is a great invention that has hugely increased the time we can keep out food without it spoiling.  However, whilst it is an essential tool to store food safely for some foods, others do not respond well to lower temperatures and can lose much of their flavor and even spoil quicker when stored in the fridge.

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Recipe inspiration: A different energy-boosting breakfast or snack


After doing my regular morning workout I was craving for something but I didn’t really know wether I wanted something #sweet or #salty, so I prepared myself some good #energy-boosting breakfast on bread:

  • berries marmalade with cheese and herbs
  • peanut butter and banana
  • cream cheese with watercress salad and spices

I used pretty much whatever I had in the fridge and just put it on toast 😉

More Ideas of energy-boosting breakfast Toasts