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Do you know how much water and energy your last shower used? Showers are one of the most water and energy intensive devices in your home. They can make up to 25% of your yearly water and energy consumption and have a significant environmental footprint. Most showers waste a lot of warm water that just flows directly down the drain.

Entrepreneurs Martin, Eike and Laurent from Germany just launched AquaTelligent. AquaTelligent is a smart add-on that fits any shower and helps you save up to 40% water, energy, costs and CO2. These saving can be the equivalent of planting up to 80 trees every year and save hundreds of dollars!

Their mission is to help people receive insights so they can take action. You can check out their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for more information.

AquaTelligent | ecogreenlove
Image by AquaTelligent

How can AquaTelligent help you?

  1. Know when your shower is warm, so no water is wasted;
  2. Save without even noticing it by adjusting the flow of water exactly to your needs;
  3. Shower more consciously by setting personalized goals or sound and light notifications;
  4. Get insights into your consumption, savings & costs from the AquaTelligent App and score points when you save.

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Image by AquaTelligent

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AquaTelligent Team
AquaTelligent Team

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