The 13 Greatest Things About Being Vegetarian


Dearest guacamole and hummus, they don’t love you like I love you.

Becoming vegetarian isn’t a mistake, it’s just a missed steak. Although not eating meat is often perceived to be some sort of grand suffering, the vegetarian lifestyle should really be something of envy.

Below are 13 of the best things about being a vegetarian.

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1. A potentially longer lifespan.


Although not all vegetarians are necessarily healthy, on average, refraining from eating meat has been linked to longer lives, with a recent study claiming a 12 percent longer average lifespan. All the more time to enjoy pasta and falafel.

2. Better sex?


Whether vegetarians really have “better sex” is up for debate, as it seems unlikely that any head of broccoli has ever come with sex tips. But eating red meat may lead to decreased libido and lower blood flow, which could contribute to erectile dysfunction. Sperm quality also might be better in vegetarians, although the study on this was conducted on monkeys.

3. Restaurants include guacamole and hummus in vegetarian options.


It’s extremely annoying when restaurants charge the same price for vegetarian options even when that means paying over $10 for just pasta with sauce. Keeping this in mind, it’s a huge plus when places like Chipotle offer guacamole free of charge if you’re ordering the vegetarian option. This should become standard practice, if you ask us.

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