The Future of Agriculture is Indoors

The Future of Agriculture is Indoors [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

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This infographic lists the reasons why farming’s future is indoors, and introduces some of the key players in the movement.

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Swimming vs Traditional Workout [Infographic]

Make a Splash displays statistics and pros about swimming and water exercises.
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Italian Pasta and Sauces Guide [Infographic]

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So many shapes, so many choices. We encourage getting creative with any type that catches your eye, but everyone tends to gravitate toward one type over another, restocking the pantry with the same old shapes. For most people, Italian pastas feel interchangeable: fresh, homemade marinara sauce tastes just as delicious atop penne as piled on linguine. But traditional Italian cooking holds a method to the unending list of noodles.

Each pasta’s form and texture play a bigger part in sauce pairings, thick or thin, warm or cold. Sturdier noodles stand up to heavy cream-based and meat sauces while more delicate types compliment oil-based entrées. And of course, a few of our favourites play well with nearly any “gravy” out there. We’ve provided a run-through of accessible noodle-sauce pairings for pasta dinners that satisfy everyone around the table.

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Recipe: Eggplants a la bonifacienne

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Eat Good, Feel Good!

A traditional stuffed eggplant dish from Bonifacio, for warm and cold times alike.

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Recipe: Mexican Day of the Dead Bread (Pan de Muerto)

pan_de_muerto_ecogreenloveWatch the Original Recipe here

Mexican Pan de Muerto, It’s a bread made from butter and eggs, scented with orange and azahar water.

Feliz Dia de Muertos!

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