Cost-Efficient Ways to make your Home more Eco-Friendly [Infographic]

Originally Published on Huffington Post

Let’s face it: Reducing your home’s negative impact on the planet will likely require a huge amount of work.

But solar panels and temperature-regulating walls aren’t the only ways to help your household adopt more eco-friendly practices. There are a ton of easy — and fun — ways to conserve energy.

Luckily for us, UK-based magazine Good To Be Home has some clever ideas on other ways to do it.


DIY: Toilet paper roll educational organizer

If you have no idea what to do with those simple toilet paper rolls, there are plenty of ideas on internet or on Recyclart. My idea is simple and easy, I came up with it while I was studying german and I needed a system to have my new words sorted to learn them.

It’s so easy! just have to cut through the cardboard (vertically) to open the roll and either paste it or screw it on the wall, and there it is, a mini shelf for your notes. Could work for anything light weighted you need to organize. Hope you like it and inspire you to make more complicated things reusing this simple material we all have at home πŸ˜‰

Reusing toilet paper tube

Updated: February 2018

Creative ways to Repurpose toilet paper tubes / rolls | ecogreenlove
DIY BURLAP NAPKIN RINGS with toilet rolls
Repurpose toilet paper tubes / rolls | ecogreenlove

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