Things you should Not Refrigerate

The refrigerator is a great invention that has hugely increased the time we can keep out food without it spoiling.  However, whilst it is an essential tool to store food safely for some foods, others do not respond well to lower temperatures and can lose much of their flavor and even spoil quicker when stored in the fridge.

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Line-dry Laundry [Infographic]

Right now it is summer here in Europe, and we know this sunny hot days don’t last the whole year so we have to make use of the natural resources we have. For instance, drying the clothes outside saves energy and gas. And is as efficient as a dryer machine, but natural! This infographic has some useful information for all of us, but focused on the USA. Take a look:

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Tomato tip: crushed eggshells via @LilFarmBigCity


crush or grind eggshells and put them at the base of your tomato plants

A little tip for growing tomatoes: crush or grind eggshells and spread them at the base of your tomato plants. They will love the calcium released from the eggshells over time.

Don’t have time to crush eggshells and sprinkle them on your garden every time you use eggs? Save them up in a bowl in your fridge for a week or two and then run them through a grinder or crush them by hand before spreading them around the base of your plants.

Another tip: before you put your tomato seedlings in the ground, “plant” a whole egg in the bottom of the hole before you put your tomato plant in. As the egg breaks down, it will release nutrients into the soil.

Source: Little Farm in the BIg City blog