Things you should Not Refrigerate

The refrigerator is a great invention that has hugely increased the time we can keep out food without it spoiling.  However, whilst it is an essential tool to store food safely for some foods, others do not respond well to lower temperatures and can lose much of their flavor and even spoil quicker when stored in the fridge.

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New Uses for Old Things in the Bathroom


Originally published by Real Simple

Fresh new spins on bathroom essentials:

Toothbrush | Soap | Cotton balls | Shower curtain | Toilet paper tube/roll |
Hair dryer | Conditioner | Baby oil | Dental floss | Flat iron |
Cotton swab | Epsom salt | Hair spray | Lip balm | Nail polish/remover |
Petroleum jellyRubbing alcohol | Comb | Toothpaste | Others

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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Compost

Composting is a way of utilizing microorganisms to break down and decompose organic matter.  The unique benefits of composting include a reduction of waste needlessly going into landfills and the production of a free stable, organic soil amendment that can’t be beat.  Many people compost their yard waste and kitchen scraps, but there are many other materials that are generally thrown away that could easily be converted into compost and given back to the soil instead and far stranger ways  to compost than most people realize. Continue reading “Things You Didn’t Know You Could Compost”