Food Waste [Video]

Award-winning author Tristram Stuart argues that food waste is a global scandal.
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I stumbled upon this video and is never enough when we publish something about food waste. Here are some facts and numbers in a visual easy-to-read infographic way that show what is costing to the environment, here is a video with some story about food waste, a video showing “stellar examples of ugly fruit and veggies” from FB and yet another video as example of how food that has been trashed out can be perfectly edible and even help others who can’t afford to eat nice food from the supermarkets or in a nice restaurant without having to go to the junk cheap food place. Well, there is even a Food Waste Day with some tips you can do to avoid wastage. We have even posted about how to use up some leftovers.

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Turning Junk Food in Healthy Meals [Video]

The Real Junk Food Project turns food waste into meals. The group’s founder, Adam Smith, tells AJ+ how he’s feeding the less fortunate using food collected from supermarket dumpsters. From video journalist Silvia Boarini in the United Kingdom.

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